Zo History

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By Ai Suan Posted on Sep 4, 2022
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Vumson Vumson 1986
With an introduction to Zo culture, economy, religion and their status as an ethnic minority in INDIA, BURMA, and BANGLADESH

DEDICATION: I dedicated this book to my paternal grandparents for teaching me Zo history, customs, and culture by reciting them over and over again. My grandfather killed over sixty four-legged wild animals. including a tiger. He trimmed two doltials. They sold their surplus rice harvest and made some money. When my maternal grandfather demanded an extra ordinary high bride-price for my mother, my paternal grandfather simply poured silver rupees in a basket and offered as the bride price. My grandfather named me after himself taking his name. Vum and calling me “Son” meaning to narrate, with the hope that 1. when I grow up, will tell the world his achievements. I hope this page satisfies his wish. My father did extensive research work on the history of Zo people. His work was published in Khupzathang’s “The Genealogy of Zo Race”. My mother never went to school. Although she bore ten children she found time to experiment with growing tea, the first in East Zoram. She started producing tea in the early 1950’s and today. tea production is the main Occupation of three villages and it is being exported to Burma as the “Dolluang Tea”. 

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